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The LITE collection is defined by modern silhouettes and pure constructions. Whether primarily made of sleek stainless steel or in a material mix with acetate, the reduced LITE design concept stands for supreme comfort in a refined aesthetic.
All the tinted lenses of the LITE collection come with an antireflective coating on the reverse side and offer total defence from UVA and UVB rays as well as maximum glare protection.

Color:           942 (Antigua/Champagne Gold)
Lens:            Dark Grey with Anti-Reflective coating on the back

Eye:        55
Bridge:   16
Temple: 140

This butterfly shape is ideal for those keeping up with recent trends. It’s beautifully feminine and a little glamour never hurt anyone.


Founded in Berlin in 2003, the first MYKITA premises were settled in a former children’s day care, called “Kita”. This inspired not only the name “My Kita”, but also our culture of curiosity and play. We started with a clear aesthetic vision and a readiness to do things ourselves. Creating an open-minded work environment and a sense of integrity toward everything in and around the product came intuitively.


MYKITA started out in the same independent and pioneering spirit that shaped our hometown, Berlin. With no one able to manufacture our original eyewear designs, the decision was made to set up the in-house production. Developing our own tools and processes to meet design requirements has since become a principle of how MYKITA operates and one of our greatest assets. At its heart, the modern manufactory is the combination of specialised craftsmanship and adapted new technologies.


In 2014, MYKITA settled into a historic building in the heart of Berlin Kreuzberg. Headed by founder Moritz Krueger, the team at MYKITA HAUS is a mix of people with diverse cultural backgrounds and individual talents who guide the product through every stage. The interplay between people and disciplines drives the joy for experimentation and commitment to quality reflected in our products.


MYKITA established the term ‘modern manufactory’ to describe the multidisciplinary approach of combining handcraft and high-technology processes. In addition to the departments at MYKITA HAUS that see the product through from concept to final quality control, the modern manufacturing integrates external experts to form a self-contained manufacturing network.


An inventive and independent nature is integral to the identity of our company. The constant pursuit of technical betterment and simple curiosity drives MYKITA to look beyond the traditional confines of the eyewear industry, seeking out new and relevant technologies from different fields to incorporate into our system. Together with the external partners, who continue to incubate and develop their technology, MYKITA keeps its operation at the forefront of technological innovation.


The modern manufactory is the primary source of inspiration for MYKITA design – each frame manifests the specialised knowledge that sets MYKITA apart as a company. Ideas can be tested and implemented directly due to the readily available specialist expertise. This technical capability facilitates a culture of experimentation – an essential for progressive product design.


The clear design language at MYKITA starts with material integrity, emphasising the most appealing properties of the materials we work with. The first collection featured an openly displayed spiral hinge, a mechanical solution that became an incidental styling element and a hallmark of MYKITA frames. This original patented hinge represents the guiding principle for design at MYKITA: the technical solution must also be aesthetic.


With a focus on challenging norms and creating new aesthetic impulses within eyewear, MYKITA pushes visible logos and conventional luxury codes into the background. Instead, significant research and development goes into advancing our constructions, materials and surfaces, which all contribute to the characteristic modernity of our frames. This extensive catalogue of design ingredients enables the variety of styles in the collections, as well as the refined colour and surface compositions that set MYKITA glasses apart.


The MYKITA design team is a heterogeneous group of product designers and technical engineers. This mix of people with experience in eyewear as well as designers and experts from other fields stimulates an interdisciplinary dialogue that provokes new perspectives on eyewear. Working predominantly with prototypes, the team develops