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b.fabulous. b.timeless. b.anything but ordinary… With the best selection of designer eyeglasses from around the world, let us help you find the perfect pair for who you want to be. From colorful boutique lines to high fashion, clean and minimal to the most exclusive luxury brands, you will not find a better selection of eyewear in the North Atlanta area.

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Relax, let us pour you a drink and have fun shopping for your new glasses. Our expert opticians and frame stylists will consult with you to find the perfect frames to suit your facial features, coloring, style and lifestyle. We want you to b.thrilled with your eyewear!

Alpharetta Eye Exam


A comprehensive eye exam is generally recommended once a year.  The ocular wellness exam includes not only checking your vision and prescription, but also monitoring the health of your eyes.  Since certain conditions do not cause symptoms, they can go undiagnosed without regular visits to your eye care provider.  Early detection is important in many cases, so keeping your annual exams is essential in treating potentially harmful diseases. b.healthy!


Comprehensive eye exams by a caring and knowledgeable doctor.


Simply the best eyewear around.


We utilize the highest quality lenses, and always the latest and greatest technology.


Amazing frame styling, brought to you by people who love what they do.

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We are passionate about eyewear. We’ve curated a collection of the best frames from around the world. Combine that with top-notch lenses and talented frame stylists for spectacles like no other.

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