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Blue Light and Digital Eye Strain

BLUE & ULTRAVIOLET (UV) LIGHT: The largest source of blue and ultraviolet light is sunlight. However, there is growing concern over the long-term effects of screen exposure from television displays, computer monitors, smart phones and tablet devices. Research shows that too much exposure to blue light may lead to digital eye strain and even retinal


Eye Exam Alpharetta

Eye Exam Alpharetta A comprehensive eye exam is generally recommended once a year.  The ocular wellness exam includes not only checking your vision and prescription but also monitoring the health of your eyes. Since certain conditions do not cause symptoms, they can go undiagnosed without regular visits to your eye care provider.  Early detection is


Diseases Your Optometrist Can Detect

Surprising Diseases Your Optometrist Can Detect You likely know that when you obtain your annual eye exam, your optometrist examines your eyes for eye diseases, including glaucoma and cataracts. However, you may not realize that optometrists are often the first doctors to detect many serious diseases that affect the entire body. Read on to learn